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Having a DJ you can trust to handle all the MC duties is important, but where most DJ’s really shine is when it comes to knowing what music will get the crowd on the dance floor. As a general rule the guest will not dance until after the bride and groom have had their first dance. This may be followed immediately by a dance for the bride and father and one for the groom and his mother. If other special dances are in order, they would be done next. In most cases, your DJ will kick off the dance portion of your reception right after the special dances. This gets the guest up and on the dance floor so they don’t begin to feel left out. Other festivities such as a dollar dance, or the bouquet and garter toss can take place at appropriate times during the reception. Proper planning for your reception should also include giving your DJ a guideline of types of music (Dance, Country, Beach, Rock & Roll or Oldies) that you want to be played. 

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